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Maybe Costa Rica really IS an island

"The two best teams in Concacaf face off Tuesday in Costa Rica, where Mexico will seek revenge for the defeat it suffered in its last visit to the island." -Fox Sports MX

Costa Rican, U.S. citizen die after small plane crash in Pavas

The light aircraft was heading from the capital to to the northwestern coastal town of Tamarindo when it apparently lost control and came down in a river ravine minutes after takeoff.

Costa Rican students transform pineapple waste into dishes and plates

They learned that at the local farmers market, about 500 pineapple tops, or crowns, are thrown away every weekend. There was no shortage of raw material.

Costa Rica hopes to clinch World Cup berth against a carefree Mexico

Costa Rican coach Oscar "El Machillo" Ramírez said Costa Rica has quite a challenge ahead as it seeks to achieve its classification on the field with Mexico.

Weirdest Costa Rican News Stories of The Year

In celebration of 2016 finally ending, we've compiled the weirdest and most bizarre news stories from Costa Rica from the past year.

Dispatch from the border: Migrants have shelter but little else

African migrants have basic shelter along the border of Costa Rica and Panama but the only thing they really want is safe passage to the U.S.

Expats hold mass wedding to bypass Costa Rica’s ‘discriminatory’ paperwork requirement

More than 70 foreign couples renewed their vows in a mass wedding ceremony Sunday in Atenas, Costa Rica that was part symbolic protest, part chore.

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