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Atmospheric CO2 more than 50 percent higher than pre-industrial era

Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in May were 50 percent higher than during the pre-industrial era, reaching levels not seen on Earth...

Breast cancer incidence remains high in Costa Rica

According to Health Ministry data, 427 women in Costa Rica died as a result of breast cancer in 2020. The disease remains the top cause...

Man in Costa Rica receives first operation of its kind in Latin America

d man in Costa Rica became the first in Latin America to receive an esophagus replacement using material from his small intestine

‘The Costa Rica model’: The New Yorker profiles Costa Rica healthcare

The New Yorker, a United States-based magazine, will highlight Costa Rica’s healthcare system in its August 30 edition.

‘The war has changed’: US documents sound alarm on Delta variant

The internal slide presentation produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses that the war has changed as a result of Delta.

Exacerbated by pandemic, Costa Ricans face long hospital wait times

The waiting time for a non-emergency surgery at Costa Rica's public hospitals has reached more than 520 days, up considerably compared to before the pandemic.

Costa Rica to support wellness tourism with initiative

Hot springs, yoga retreats and massage therapy are some of the activities Costa Rica hopes to support through a new initiative aimed at promoting wellness tourism.

Study confirms cause of death for Costa Rica coronavirus patients

Of the 702 deaths analyzed so far, 90% have been confirmed to have resulted from the SARS-CoV-2 virus or a related complication.

WHO wants to eradicate malaria in 25 countries by 2025

There are 87 countries affected by malaria, 46 of them have declared less than 10,000x cases in 2019, compared to 26 in 2000.

Costa Rica the right choice for many seeking cardiac care

Many people from the United States and elsewhere choose Costa Rica for their cardiac treatments.

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