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costa rica drug bust

Costa Rican authorities assist in major drug busts

The Colombian government announced Tuesday that 116 tons of cocaine had been seized in a month and a half of joint military operations with countries in America and Europe.

Costa Rica seizes 4.3 metric tons of cocaine from shipping container

Costa Rican authorities seized 4.3 metric tons of cocaine that were hidden in a container with a shipment of ceramic arriving from Colombia, the government reported Sunday.

Drugs flown from Costa Rica to US for destruction

In 2020, Costa Rican authorized seized a record 71.2 tons of cocaine and marijuana. The United States provides financial and material support to Costa Rica's anti-narcotics efforts. 

Six arrested in Costa Rica with 1.1 metric tons of cocaine

Costa Rican authorities seized 1.1 metric tons of cocaine and detained six men

Costa Rica seizes 2.5 tons of cocaine from boat in Caribbean

The six men captured — five Costa Ricans and one Honduran — were placed under the jurisdiction of the prosecutor's office.

Drug trafficking in Central America remains prevalent during pandemic, authorities say

With the help of the United States, Colombia and Costa Rica, the authorities of these countries seek to curb drug trafficking in the region.

Costa Rica seizes record five metric tons of cocaine

Central America is one of the main routes for drugs headed from South America to the United States and Europe.

First big drug busts of 2020 nab nearly one metric ton of cocaine off Costa Rican shores

Much of the drug that arrives in the United States and Europe leaves the producing countries of South America and transits through Central America, including Costa Rica.

Costa Rican authorities seize 954 kilos of cocaine from Europe-bound ship

The drugs had been concealed in a load of banana pulp.

Three Colombians detained in Costa Rica with 1.4 metric tons of cocaine

The intercepted ship was taken to the port of Quepos, in the South Pacific, where the ship was subjected to an inspection.

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