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Costa Rica diplomacy

VIDEO: Costa Rican officials present new evidence of alleged damage to its territory by Nicaraguan workers

Costa Rican officials on Tuesday afternoon shared with members of the press photo and video evidence of Nicaraguan workers allegedly using chainsaws to remove trees in Costa Rican territory, near the two countries' border. The images, made public by Costa Rica's ministers of foreign relations and public security, Manuel González and Celso Gamboa, respectively, also show a dredging boat on the Río San Juan that – according to González – is eroding the riverbank on Costa Rica's side of the border.

Nicaragua claims ‘cleaning’ of the Río San Juan follows world court order

Nicaragua’s Foreign Minister Samuel Santos on Saturday told media from his country that crews are working to "provide maintenance" to the Río San Juan because the International Court of Justice reiterated that the border river belongs to Nicaraguan and the court “recommended and practically demanded that we take proper care of it and maintain it."

Costa Rica adds yet another claim to ongoing border dispute with Nicaragua

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Manuel González on Thursday sent a formal protest note after confirming evidence of logging on Costa Rican land by Nicaraguans traveling on the Río San Juan, a natural border between the two countries.

Costa Rica’s Solís travels to New York to address United Nations General Assembly for first time

President Luis Guillermo Solís will attend the U.N. Climate Summit on Tuesday, Sept. 23, where he will give a speech about Costa Rica’s efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change, along with meetings with world leaders and multinational corporations.

Costa Rica-based US relief workers join efforts in West Africa to combat Ebola

Tim Callaghan and Phil Gelman were both involved in relief efforts in one of the most high-profile, horrific disasters in the Western Hemisphere in the last five years: the Haiti earthquake and cholera outbreak in 2010.

Costa Rica protests use of National Anthem in Swedish comedy TV show

Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry sent a formal complain to the Swedish Embassy protesting the “disrespectful use of Costa Rica’s National Anthem” on a political satire show on TV4.

What is USAID up to with its ‘Democracy Promotion’ programs in Cuba?

The idea of “democracy promotion” is noble, but Washington’s efforts in Cuba – emphasizing clandestine and covert operations to drive regime change – have wasted a couple hundred million dollars, cost the United States valuable prestige on the island, and hurt relations with Costa Rica and other countries.

USAID sent young Costa Ricans undercover to Cuba in anti-government scheme, AP reports

The Associated Press revealed more details Monday morning about Costa Rican involvement in United States Agency for International Development’s covert anti-Cuba operations, including the use of HIV-prevention workshops as fronts for recruiting pro-democracy activists.

US embassies struggle to process visas amid global system failure

Non-immigrant visas could take an additional 10 to 14 days to process because that the system is operating at just over 50 percent of its normal capacity.

UN secretary-general hops on a bike to promote urban cycling

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon rides a bicycle next to Costa Rica's Foreign Minister Manuel González, right, in San José on July 30, 2014....

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