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Storyline: Ebola is actually difficult to get

"Ebola is not a terribly infectious disease," said Joel Selanikio, a former U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) epidemiologist. "It's quite difficult to get."

Costa Rica’s Border Police prepare for possible Ebola cases in Southern Zone

Amid news of the first case of Ebola in the United States and a recent jump in the number of migrants entering Costa Rica illegally, National Police have activated an infectious illness protocol at the country’s borders, according to National Police Director Juan José Andrade.

First Ebola patient diagnosed in US dies from virus

NEW YORK — Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died from the virus Wednesday while in isolation at a Dallas hospital, ending a case that helped bring into sharp focus the nation's risk from the disease.

Health officials in Costa Rica react to first confirmed case of Ebola in the United States

Directors of 10 public hospitals in Costa Rica's Social Security System, or Caja, on Wednesday said they are implementing preventive measures to detect and, if necessary, handle possible cases of the Ebola virus here. The announcement followed confirmation Tuesday of the first case of Ebola in the United States.

El Salvador quarantines 2 nuns as Ebola precaution

SAN SALVADOR – As a precaution against Ebola, El Salvador has quarantined two nuns who arrived in the country from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Health Minister Violeta Menjivar said Thursday.

First case of Ebola diagnosed in US, health officials say

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States has diagnosed its first case of the deadly Ebola virus, a man who became infected in Liberia and traveled to Texas, U.S. health officials said Tuesday.
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Canada Donates $15M to Protect Birds in Costa Rica

Canada announced that it will support Costa Rica and other countries in the region with a $15 million donation through the Conserve Birds program....

Colombia Rejects Closing Darien Gap Border with Panama

Colombia will not close its border with Panama along the Darien Gap -- the dense, dangerous jungle that has become a major route for...

El Salvador Deploys 3,000 Troops in Apopa to Combat Gang Remnants

President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced on Saturday that his government deployed 2,000 soldiers and 1,000 police officers armed with rifles in five...