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Costa Rica bullfighting

A year ends with no party: The Fiestas de Zapote

The Fiestas de Zapote are a holiday tradition for many Ticos.

Fiestas de Zapote celebrates 50th anniversary with huge crowds on opening night

More than 40,000 festive Ticos attended opening night for the 50th anniversary of the Fiestas de Zapote, Costa Rica's largest end-of-year party. 

Costa Rica prepares for 50th anniversary of Fiestas de Zapote

In December, Costa Rica will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Fiestas de Zapote.

Video: ‘Toros a la tica’ at Fiestas de Zapote

Watch a brief taste of 'toros a la tica,' the iconic (but controversial) Costa Rican tradition.

Bullfighting ‘a la tica’: The controversial end-of-year tradition in Costa Rica

“Toros a la tica” is an essential ingredient in San José's end-of-year festivities. It is also one of the most controversial traditions in the country.

PHOTOS: The agony, the ecstasy at the Zapote bullfights

Images from the bullring at this year's traditional Zapote festival.

Tico-style bullfights: some call it animal abuse, others a tradition

Although killing the bull is not allowed in Costa Rica-style bullfights, animal rights advocates claim bulls are subjected to cruel abuse.

Grecia: The Costa Rican Toucan with the prosthetic beak

Grecia is now on public display for visitors of ZooAve animal shelter in La Garita, Alajuela. The famous toucan may soon have a partner.

Bullfighter gored at Zapote festival remains in serious condition

An amateur bullfighter remains in serious condition at a hospital in San José after he was flung into the air by a 990-pound bull Sunday night at the close of the annual Zapote festival.

Animal rights activists protest against Tico-style bullfights

Dozens of animal rights activists gathered during the opening of the Zapote festival, east of San José, to protest against one of the celebration’s main event: Tico-style bullfights.

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