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Coralmania: Celebrating Coral Reef Restoration in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Pacific coral reefs were planted with hundreds of fresh corals this month, as part of Coralmania, in an effort to highlight coral...

Raising Coral Costa Rica aims to help rebuild the rainforests of the sea

Coral reefs are known as the rainforests of the sea for their extraordinary biodiversity.

Costa Rican Electricity Institute launches construction of artificial reef

ICE officials expect algae to begin adhering to the structures so that coral, polyps, fish and other marine species begin reproducing.

ICE to create artificial reefs with waste from electrical grid

The government-run Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) is working on a project to create artificial reefs using waste material from the national electricity grid.

Tiny Monaco helps OAS launch effort to save oceans from ravages of climate change

Costa Rica is seen as a leader in ocean protection, despite the country's recent wobbling on shark conservation and sustainable fishing regulations.

Creating coral that can survive climate change

Scientists are working to develop strains of coral that will be able to withstand changing ocean conditions.

Swimmer takes on Pacific odyssey in Costa Rica, for the 7th time

Before she begins her 1,100-kilometer swim, Renate Herberger always sings a song to the African goddess Yemaya, who watches over the sea. A self-described Pagan, Herberger asks Yemaya for permission to enter the endless Pacific. On Monday, Jan. 27, she will sing that song again.

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