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Copa América

Final thoughts from Costa Rica’s short-lived Copa América: Is Ramírez in the hot seat?

Costa Rica's disappointing performance in the Copa América has brought a lot more questions than answers about this team heading towards the 2018 World Cup.

What’s left for Costa Rica at disappointing Copa América?

On Saturday, it's about churning out a respectable product against a world-class Colombian side. Another blowout on a big stage will lead to more questions and doubts surrounding this team’s future.

Copa America in the U.S.: Gaffes expose rushed planning, draw ire

Mixed up anthems, "crazy" travel schedules and half-empty stadiums make some question whether the U.S. was the best choice to host the historically South American soccer tournament.

Costa Rica pummeled by U.S. 4-0 in Copa America rout

The home team United States dominated Costa Rica's men's national team 4-0 in Tuesday's ugly Copa América group stage game from Chicago, Illinois.

Costa Rica heads into must-win game against United States

Costa Rica's "La Sele" faces the home team United States on Tuesday in the second round of Copa América Group A.

Costa Rica ties Paraguay in Copa América opener

Costa Rica's La Sele tied Paraguay 0-0 in its first Copa América game as it now looks ahead to a must-win game against the home team United States.

Copa America Group A: Costa Rica faces stiff opposition

A rundown of La Sele's' toughest opponents and matchups in Group A as the team prepares to start Copa América play on Saturday.

Oh, no! Keylor Navas out of Copa América with heel injury

Superstar Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas will not play in the Copa América after being diagnosed with a heel injury called Achilles tendinopathy.

La Sele announces 23-man roster for Copa América tournament

Costa Rica's 23-man lineup has been announced for June's highly anticipated Copa América tournament. Besides the usual stars, there are some surprises included in coach Óscar Ramírez's roster.

La Sele draws group of death in Copa America

Tough draw for Costa Rica's "La Sele" in the upcoming 2016 Centennial Copa America football tournament.

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