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A Few Costa Rica Bank Notes to be withdrawn from Circulation

The United States embassy in Costa Rica has reminded everyone that lives or is traveling in Costa Rica to be aware that on February...

Costa Rica’s new coin to enter circulation

The Central Bank of Costa Rica unveiled a new coin that celebrates the country's bicentennial.

Dollar exchange rate maintains upward trend

The exchange rate of the Costa Rican colón against the dollar increased by ₡10 during the past month, according to official data from the Central Bank...

Costa Rica unveils new bills

The Central Bank of Costa Rica on Friday unveiled two new bills.

Costa Rica unveils new bicentennial coin

The Central Bank of Costa Rica unveiled a new coin that celebrates the country's bicentennial.

Costa Rica to stop minting ₡5 coin

The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) announced Thursday that it will stop minting five-colón coins (₡5) at the end of this year. 

Central Bank: That ₡5,000 counterfeit bank note message is fake

The BCCR is asking people to “touch, watch and turn” the bills to look for the security measures that show a bill is not a counterfeit.

Central Bank issues new improved ₡5,000 banknotes

The Central Bank made four changes on the front side of the bill but the banknotes in general will look almost the same as current ones.

Costa Rican colón dips against US dollar

The Costa Rican currency, the colón, has been on a slow slide against the the U.S. dollar during the last several months but analysts say it’s unlikely to fall much farther.

US dollar trades at highest level in three years

In the lead up to national elections here and following news that the United States Federal Reserve would raise pull back economic stimulus, the U.S. dollar reached its highest point against the Costa Rican colón, the national currency, since November 2010.

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