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Colombia elections

Gustavo Petro elected Colombia’s first leftist president

Ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro was elected the first ever left-wing president of Colombia on Sunday, after beating millionaire businessman Rodolfo Hernandez in a tense and...

Colombian ‘Trump’ threatens leftist’s presidential ambitions

The surprise electoral surge of a man dubbed Colombia's Donald Trump could scupper the left's hopes of a historic takeover of the presidency in...

Colombia’s ‘discriminatory’ military draft under discussion as peace deal comes closer

Not showing up for a Colombian military exam automatically gives one a remiso status – a deserter. With a FARC peace deal imminent, that could change.

Santos re-elected president in Colombia

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won re-election Sunday, surviving a crucial test in his attempt to work out a peace deal with leftist FARC rebels to end the country's 50-year-old civil war.

Colombia government, rebels to set up truth commission

Negotiators trying to end Latin America's oldest civil war agreed Saturday to set up a truth commission that addresses the deaths of thousands of people in five decades of conflict. The move is seen as a stride toward a possible peace deal in Colombia.

Colombian Embassy attaché tells of harrowing 13-year ordeal as a FARC captive

A Colombian National Police sergeant who was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and held captive for 13 years is now a police attaché working in the Colombian Embassy in Costa Rica.

Colombian leader, rival head to runoff vote

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – Colombian opposition candidate Óscar Zuluaga led President Juan Manuel Santos in elections Sunday, but they now face a runoff vote in a crucial campaign for peace talks with Marxist rebels.

Colombia’s big ugly election and the prospects for peace

Wiretaps. Drug-gang payoffs. Clandestine videos. Unspeakable insults. Photoshopped campaign pictures. For Colombia's voters, going to the polls on Sunday comes as a catharsis after the ugliness that has marred one of this year's most important presidential elections in Latin America.

Drug trafficking accord with FARC rebels stirs debate among Colombia experts

With Colombia’s May 25 presidential elections only a week away, it appears that Marxist rebels have reached a landmark accord with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos to cooperate in the fight against drug trafficking.

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