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Costa Rica Immigration Requirements – The Police Record Affidavit

One of the main documents that people have to provide to the Costa Rica immigration authorities when requesting residency is the so called “police...

First Lady seeks a new role: Costa Rican citizen

First Lady Mercedes Peñas Domingo had a big weekend.

The cure for grumbling expats: un granito de arena

I have lived in the same house for more than 10 years, but I have traveled quite a distance in that time. I have trouble channeling the college student who devoured the country with a ridiculous grin, unable to believe her good fortune, staring in rapture out of bus windows, listening wide-eyed to howler monkeys at night and thinking they were lions, making bioluminescent footprints on a deserted beach, getting lost, being found. Somewhere along the way I moved from “Will you LOOK at THIS?” to “Oh, yeah – that’s amazing, isn’t it?”

Americans living abroad set record for giving up citizenship

The 1,335 expatriations in the first quarter of 2015 topped the previous record by 18 percent, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Those Americans are driven to turn in their passports in part because of laws that have expanded bank reporting and tax compliance requirements for expatriates.

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