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Monday, August 2, 2021
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Catholic Church

Mexico extradites ex-priest accused of child abuse to Costa Rica

The ex-priest, who was expelled from the clergy, had fled Costa Rica because a complaint against him still had criminal repercussions.

Church prepares for Covid-appropriate Easter Holy Week

The Episcopal Conference, which groups the Catholic Church’s leaders in Costa Rica, is preparing faithful for a Covid-appropriate Easter Holy Week. 

Costa Rican priest wanted for child abuse is arrested in Mexico

The Costa Rican parliament recently passed a law promoted by Rodríguez and Venegas to increase the statute of limitations for this type of crime to 25 years.

Costa Rica puts into effect law driven by alleged victims of priest

The reform was prompted by two men who denounced a Catholic priest for having sexually abused them when they served as altar boys as teenagers.

Costa Rica approves law against child abuse prepared by alleged victims of priest

Costa Rica’s congress approved on Tuesday a bill that extends the statute of limitations for the crime of sexual abuse of minors.

Archbishop minimizes fall in reputation of the Church, predicts ‘high participation’ during Holy Week

The archbishop of San José, José Rafael Quirós, downplayed the fall in the reputation of the Catholic Church after turbulent months.

Priest accused of sexual abuse arrested trying to leave Costa Rica

The priest was arrested at the border post of Paso Canoas, the main border crossing with Panama, according to a statement from the prosecutor's office.

Costa Rican police raid Catholic Church headquarters in sexual abuse case

Agents entered both institutions to look for documents regarding separate investigations into Mauricio Víquez and Manuel Antonio Guevara, two priests accused of sexually abusing minors.

Costa Rican priest arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a minor

"He is being investigated as a suspect in the alleged crime of sexual abuse against a minor," the statement read.

Victims speak on allegations of abuse within Catholic Church in Costa Rica

"This country needs The Vatican to pay attention. We need them to realize that not only do these things happen in the United States or Chile, but in Costa Rica and Central America.”

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