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Catholic Church

Pope Francis invited to address US Congress

Pope Francis could become the first pontiff ever to address Congress after being offered a historic invitation by US House leaders on Thursday.

Haiti’s first cardinal will tell pope of country’s woes

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – For the first time, a Haitian has been named a cardinal – and he's vowing to "bring the reality" of his tiny, impoverished Caribbean country "into the heart of the Vatican."

Ruling party’s Johnny Araya restarts presidential campaign with Catholic leaders

After days of private meetings with National Liberation Party (PLN) mandarins, presidential candidate Johnny Araya re-emerged to restart his campaign Wednesday in a meeting with Costa Rica’s Catholic bishops.

Are Costa Ricans headed to the polls or the altars?

We Costa Ricans have an important date this Sunday, but I’m still not clear as to whether we’re headed to the polls or the Christian altars. Without a doubt, this electoral campaign has been more than saturated with religious morality.

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