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Are Electric Cars The Future in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is considered a pioneer when it comes to the encouraging green energy and fighting the current global climate crisis and has been...

Driving safely in Costa Rica

Weather events are among the many hazards drivers face in Costa Rica.

Chinese company BAIC opens dealership in Costa Rica

BAIC Group, a Chinese state-owned company, announced this week the opening of its dealership in Costa Rica.

MOPT warns of higher traffic accidents as measures are eased

The Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) is reminding drivers to follow the rules of the road when traveling this weekend. 

More than 350 road accident deaths this year, MOPT says

In 2015, navigation platform Waze ranked Costa Rica among the world's worst countries in which to drive.

New taxi cooperative plans an all-electric fleet in Heredia

While the country still awaits the electric car age, one taxi cooperative is ready to go.

Cars, cars and more cars: Costa Rica’s worsening love affair

Our obsession with cars is deepening: is there any end in sight?

ExpoMóvil 2016: Where Costa Rica shops for wheels

Costa Rica’s annual car show, ExpoMóvil, kicked off its 10-day event Thursday, offering consumers special financing deals and a chance to inspect nearly every new car and motorcycle on the market here in a pleasant, easily walkable space.

Why the dream of the flying car hasn’t panned out

A new Toyota patent offers a solution to a classic flying car problem — awful blind spots and a vehicle that's too wide for roads, parking spaces and garages.

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