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Costa Rica Weather: Heavy rains affect several regions

Heavy rains in recent days have caused several floods and landslides in different parts of the country. The National Emergency Commission (CNE) has received...

Climate change could cause 216 million to migrate, World Bank warns

Reduced agricultural production, water scarcity, rising sea levels and other adverse effects of climate change could cause up to 216 million people to migrate within their own countries by 2050.

Weather, climate disasters surge fivefold in 50 years: UN

Weather-related disasters have skyrocketed over the past half-century, causing far more damage even as better warning systems have meant fewer deaths, the UN said.

Ida projected to miss Central America, hit US as hurricane

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts Tropical Storm Ida will develop into a major hurricane and make landfall in the United States on Sunday or Monday.

Eta and Iota left 200 dead, millions in financial losses across Central America

Hurricanes Eta and Iota, which hit Central America this month, left at least 200 confirmed dead and as many missing, as well as millions of dollars in productivity losses and infrastructure damage.

‘Extremely active’ Atlantic hurricane season is nearing its end

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which produced 13 hurricanes and a record-setting 30 named storms, is approaching its conclusion.

Back-to-back hurricanes exacerbate poverty in Nicaragua

The North Caribbean, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua, is mired in uncertainty and despair after the double blow of hurricanes Eta and Iota, which sowed death and destruction in Central America.

Central American states count cost of Iota amid search for bodies

Rescue workers dug through mounds of thick mud in the grim search for bodies as Central American countries began to count the cost of Hurricane Iota.

Iota leaves 38 dead after tearing through Central America

Iota's death toll rose to 38 on Wednesday after the year's biggest Atlantic storm unleashed mudslides, tore apart buildings and left thousands homeless across Central America, revisiting areas devastated by another hurricane just two weeks ago.

NHC tracking weather disturbance with 40% chance of cyclone formation

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is tracking a weather disturbance in the Caribbean Sea that it says has a 40% chance of cyclone formation within the next five days. 

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