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Costa Rica Tourism Chamber Applauds Lifting of Covid 19 Restrictions

With the announcement by Costa Rica President Alvarado that restrictions due to Covid-19 are being removed the tourism sector is optimistic that travel numbers...

Canada lifts Covid-19 global travel advisory

The Canadian government ended its advisory against nonessential foreign travel.

Tourism sector opposes requiring negative Covid test for entry to Costa Rica

Costa Rica's tourism sector on Monday voiced its opposition to a request from medical professionals to mandate a negative Covid-19 test for foreign arrivals.

Four cantons will enforce dry law during Holy Week

Four of Costa Rica’s 82 municipalities have confirmed that they will prohibit the sale of alcohol during Holy Week.

Tourism sector ‘can no longer endure’ economic crisis, asks for borders to reopen

Three influential figures in Costa Rica's tourism sector asked the government to set a firm date for reopening the nation's borders to international tourism. 

Tourism entrepreneurs oppose license, royalty payments to canopy patent holder

The patent holder wants the owners of all canopy businesses operating in Costa Rica to apply for a license. He plans to collect royalties from canopy tours of $15 for every foreign tourist and $10 for locals.

Tourism Chamber: Please support businesses outside Poás safety perimeter

The National Tourism Chamber asked tourists not to neglect the Poás area altogether, where businesses have been hard hit, many located outside of the security perimeter.

Only 17 cantons will enforce dry law during Holy Week

Business owners who disobey the dry law will face fines of up to 10 base salaries, or ₡4.2 million (some $7,500).

Airbnb agrees to collect sales tax from hosts in Costa Rica

Airbnb representatives said Costa Rica would be the first Latin American country to approve legislation to regulate sharing economy businesses.

Administrative Court bans dry law during holidays

Costa Rica municipalities can no longer ban the sale of alcohol during religious and other holidays except for Holy Thursday and Good Friday, a court ruled.

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