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Brazil economy

Brazil: Bolsonaro’s controversial presidency

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro is railing against the country's electoral system after his supporters rallied to defend him from a political establishment he claims is stacked against him

Virus plunges Brazil into recession with record 9.7% drop

Brazil's economy, the biggest in Latin America, contracted by a record 9.7 percent in the second quarter of 2020

Unemployment in virus-hit Brazil reaches 13.3%, worst in 3 years

Virus-hit Brazil's unemployment rate rose to 13.3% in the April-June quarter, its highest in three years.

Latin America to stagnate on Venezuela, Brazil, World Bank says

South American nations are more dependent on global commodity markets than the Caribbean, Central America or Mexico, whose fortunes are more closely linked to the strengthening U.S. economy.

The professor at the heart of Brazil’s market meltdown

BNDES, the huge development bank owned by the Brazilian government, seems to keep turning up in the state's deepening crisis, as does its chief, Luciano Coutinho

Fitch cuts Brazil credit rating to just above junk

Fitch dealt Brazil's credit rating a one-step cut on Thursday to just above a junk rating, saying the government faces increased fiscal pressures as the economy contracts.

Olympics: Rio chief pledges to ‘fix’ water pollution

Last week, German sailor Erik Heil revealed that he had to undergo an operation on a serious skin infection after competing in the Olympic test regatta at Guanabara.

Brazil’s Rousseff vows to tackle graft, boost economy

BRASILIA - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff kicked off a second term Thursday, vowing to tackle corruption and revamp the economy as her government reels from a series of setbacks.

Brazil’s post-election party is over for Rousseff

These might be the last "oles" President Dilma Rousseff will hear for a while. Brazil's economy is in a ditch, inflation is 6.75 percent, running two points above target. Unemployment is low, not because of an opportunity bonanza but a shrinking labor pool as idled workers give up job hunting.

World Cup couch potatoes hurting retail sales

For most Brazilians, winning a World Cup on home soil would be priceless. For companies ranging from retailers to airlines, the event is bad for business.

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