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Birding in Costa Rica: 5 More Common Birds of San José

Following up on an earlier post, here I take a look at five more birds that are common in the trees, telephone wires, rooftops, and...

Costa Rica Birding: 5 Common Birds Found in San José

Despite the best efforts of many a telescope-wielding nature guide, I fell in love with birds while sitting at my desk in San José,...

Costa Rica’s National Birdwatching Board Creates a Manual

Costa Rica's National Birdwatching Bureau published a manual of best practices for birdwatching in the country. With more than 900 species that have been...

A Guide to Visiting Costa Rica’s Carara National Park

As you head out for your day-offs from the city many will stop for a quick look out over the famous crocodile bridge of...

Grab your binoculars: In Costa Rica, It’s Christmas Bird Count season!

Prior to the 20th century, many North Americans participated in a Christmas Day tradition known as a Side Hunt, in which they ventured into the countryside...

Bird Watching for Peace in Colombia

As a bird perches on a telegraph pole, two young girls are deep in consultation -- is it "Tyrannus melancholicus" or perhaps "Pyrocephalus rubinus?" The...

Why Birds and Birders in Costa Rica Flock to Monteverde

What makes Monteverde a must-stop on almost every birding tour of Costa Rica? To paraphrase the real estate experts: habitat, habitat, habitat. Along with...

Costa Rica’s million-raptor watch site

One of the most spectacular wildlife displays on the planet is happening in the skies over Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast right now: fall raptor migration and the formation of a "river of raptors." And thanks to a geographic bottleneck, one of the best places in the world to witness it is the Kèköldi indigenous territory on Costa Rica's southern Caribbean coast.

Pic of the Day: The yellow-tailed oropendola

Start your week as we did: By listening to the unique call of the Montezuma oropendola, a bird endemic to southern Mexico and parts of Central America.

Costa Rica present at British birdwatching fair

Birdwatching Central America and Operador Latino created a project with the name “Central America Birding Trail”. This fantastic initiative will be presented at the British...

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