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Costa Rica present at British birdwatching fair

Birdwatching Central America and Operador Latino created a project with the name “Central America Birding Trail”.

This fantastic initiative will be presented at the British Birdwatching Fair from 18 to 20 August in Oakham, England, as well as at the American Birding Expo from 29 September to 1 October in Oaks, Pennsylvania, in the USA.

This rich biodiversity of Central American led two tourism companies to design a route for birds to follow through the region. Some 1,500 species of birds cross the Central American skies from Guatemala and Belize to Panama.

Going through this route completely requires a time of three to four weeks. “In that period, a birdwatcher can add between 600 and 800 species to his personal list,” said Arias.

Each country on the route chose one species per country to be its icon. For Costa Rica, the tour defined the Arasarí piquinaranja (Pteroglossus frantzii).

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