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Bike Race Will Force Costa Rica Highway Closures

The Gran Fondo Andrey Amamdor cycling competition will be held this weekend on Sunday, February 13. The event has been organized by Amador, the...

Bikes have a right to the road, MOPT reminds

The Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) is reminding drivers that cyclists have a right to the road.

The OMNi invasion: How a fleet of bicycles aims to modernize Costa Rica’s public transportation infrastructure

OMNi’s purpose is about more than enhancing Costa Rica’s public-transportation infrastructure with electric, pedal-assisted bicycles.

Costa Rican communities fighting against climate change

Twelve municipalities that have taken measures and important steps to implement mitigation and adaptation to climate change, in order to become sustainable and walkable cities.

New law seeks to incentivize biking in Costa Rica

The new regulations could have positive impacts on bicycle safety and help reduce carbon emissions in Costa Rica.

Legislative assembly president bikes to Costa Rica’s inauguration ceremony

President Carlos Alvarado, who rode to the ceremony in a hydrogen-fueled bus, was escorted by a team of cyclists.

Leave your wheels at home for Car Free Day Costa Rica 2017

The 2017 edition of the event, which has grown from year to year, includes a wide range of workshops, activities, two dedicated bus lanes on the capital's Avenida Segunda, extended hours for the Urban Train, bicycle raffles and much more.

Fourth cyclist victim of hit-and-run dies

The cyclist remained at Calderón Guardia Hospital in downtown San José in serious condition after the accident.

San José’s new bike path expected to be ready in July

The new bike path is replacing a previous route inaugurated in 2015 that is mostly unused today.

Road safety in Costa Rica: the law of the jungle must rule no more

Chepecletas director Roberto Guzmán shares his hopes for a change on Costa Rica's streets: a change he says must come from all of us.

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