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Scuba diving in Belize, we were outnumbered by the sharks

Twenty meters deep while scuba diving in Belize, we were swarmed by dozens of nurse sharks of all sizes — some as long as me — that seemed as curious about us as we were about them.

Cuban migrants spend a month in camps as regional leaders fail to reach solution

Belize’s refusal to receive the migrants means that thousands of Cuban migrants will remain stuck in temporary shelters as the holidays approach.

Francis Ford Coppola wants you to come on his family vacation

"I love this magnificent, diverse earth that we have, where you can't look out in any direction and not see beauty."

Offshore drilling could threaten Belize’s Great Blue Hole

A proposal recently made public by Belize's Ministry of Energy would allow for offshore oil exploration in 99 percent of Belize’s waters, including protected marine areas and world heritage sites, like the Great Blue Hole.

European Union blacklists seafood trade in Belize

In its toughest move yet to eradicate illegal fishing, the European Union on Monday blacklisted Belize, effectively banning the country's products from the world's most valuable seafood market.

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