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Costa Rica invites filmmakers from Central America and the Caribbean to international festival

The film festival is one of the main meetings of Central American and Caribbean independent cinema.

Library on wheels: How the Huellas Gastronomic and Cultural Festival is bringing the Imagination Bus to reality

The La Fortuna community has joined in this educational initiative for rural Costa Rica.

After vibrant first weekend, International Arts Fest continues through April 15

The government-sponsored festival will continue through Sunday, April 15.

Transitarte festival awakens San José parks

Hula hoopers gather around the National Monument in Parque Naciónal in San José Saturday for the Transitarte Festival. The festival runs through Sunday, April 16,...

After ‘FIAsco’ Culture Ministry regroups with National Arts Festival 

After a disastrous International Arts Festival last year, Costa Rica's Culture Ministry announced it will regroup with a National Arts Festival.

$100,000 for a 3-day pass to the Grateful Dead’s final shows

The Grateful Dead embodied the hippie spirit, but the free market has sent prices for resold tickets to the band's final shows at Chicago's Soldier Field soaring to more than $100,000.

Costa Rican film ‘Espejismo’ journeys into the mind

“Espejismo” premiered at the International Costa Rican Film Festival last November, and enthusiastic reviews led to a limited release across the country.

Río Torres festival aims to help clean up one of San José’s most polluted rivers

The state of Río Torres, which runs through nine cantons in the San José metropolitan area, is deplorable. Not only are fecal matter and trash found in the river, but also toxic substances such as mercury and oil. It’s hard to imagine any living organism surviving in the rushing water, but believe it or not, people still bathe in the river.

Gioconda Belli: Let’s get back to focusing on happiness

Renowned Nicaraguan novelist and poet Gioconda Belli sat down with The Tico Times to discuss her latest novel, politics, and what it's like to go home.

PHOTOS: Grinding out the blues over the weekend, Barrio Amón ‘felt like New Orleans’

Scores of music fans flooded the Amón Solar building in San José's Barrio Amón last Friday to celebrate the International Blues Festival.

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