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‘The border is closed,’ U.S. tells would-be migrants

With 15,000 migrant children or teenagers in United States federal custody, the problem has become impossible to ignore.

Climate Change Spurring Frog Extinctions: Conservationists

Three Central American frog species have gone extinct and many others may soon follow as their populations are ravaged by a fungus that is...

Rare white tiger born at Nicaragua zoo

A rare white tiger, named "Nieve" (snow in Spanish) was born at the Nicaragua zoo, and is being raised by humans after its mother...

Group of 28 countries seeks support for democratic transition in Venezuela

The US State Department released the joint statement without specifying the signatory countries, but the Peruvian Foreign Ministry gave the list, which includes Costa Rica.

Young Latinos vent pandemic fury after lost 2020

For four young adults across Latin America, 2020 was meant to be a year of freedom and opportunity. Instead, the coronavirus pandemic brought confinement and frustration. 

Relatives in Panama still seek justice for 1994 terror attack

The Panamanian authorities have pursued two theories: that it could be a case of score-settling by drug traffickers, or that it was an anti-Semitic attack.

Alleged migrant smugglers arrested in Costa Rica

The detainees were left to the order of the Public Ministry (prosecutor's office), which could prosecute them for the crime of illicit trafficking in persons.

Mexican president to talk trade with Trump as virus rages

It will be Lopez Obrador's first foreign visit after 18 months on the job and will see him meet a president known for his anti-Mexico rhetoric.

$4 trillion fund holders tell Brazil to halt deforestation

Increased deforestation in the Amazon could actually increase Brazil's annual contribution to global warming. 

US travel industry to see 40% drop in spending, study says

The report, commissioned by the US Travel Association, showed spending by US residents will drop to $583 billion this year from $972 billion last year.

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