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Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson files human rights lawsuit against Costa Rica

Celebrity conservationist Paul Watson filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Costa Rica before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, alleging politically-motivated criminal charges.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson turns to human rights commission to block Costa Rica’s legal chase

Paul Watson is fed up with Costa Rica’s attempts to prosecute him. For 13 years, this tiny Central American country that promotes itself as a model of environmental responsibility has tried to put the bushy-haired marine conservationist in jail over an incident that occurred in 2002 in Guatemalan waters.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson launches Facebook campaign asking Costa Rica’s Solís to drop extradition request

Ocean conservationist and Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson started a social media campaign Monday asking followers to write to Costa Rica's new president, Luis Guillermo Solís, and urge that an extradition request be dropped.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson back on Interpol website as Costa Rica fugitive

He was there, then he wasn't, now he is again.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson: ¡Viva Solís!

Environmental activist and founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson on Wednesday congratulated Citizens Action Party candidate Luis Guillermo Solís and called him “Costa Rica’s next president.”

Costa Rica seeks arrest, extradition from US of Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson

The well-known conservationist was on land barely a week in the United States when Costa Rica filed a formal request to have him sent back to Central America to face charges from a 2002 incident.

Costa Rica denies claim by Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson that Interpol Red Notice ‘has been dropped’

In a Thursday post on his Facebook, conservationist and founder of Sea Shepherd Paul Watson said an Interpol red alert issued by Costa Rica, which prompted his arrest in Germany in May 2012, has been dropped. A spokeswoman for Costa Rica's judicial system, which is handling Watson's case, denied Watson's statement, saying, "Everything remains the same."

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson a repeat guest on Costa Rica’s Rainforest Radio

Costa Rican officials are sticking to their initial storyline that the murder of Tico turtle conservationist Jairo Mora was carried out by a band of thieves and turtle poachers. Paul Watson thinks officials are lying. On Wednesday, Rainforest Radio's Jani Schulz will find out why.

Interpol issues red notice for fugitive Sea Shepherd founder

Interpol’s alert states that all inquiries on Watson “should be directed to Costa Rican authorities.”

Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder pursued by Japan

The Japanese government also asked Germany to arrest Watson.
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