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Monteverde: You can get there from here, but you’ll need some pura vida

I’d been this exact guy about five years ago on our first trip to Monteverde. It’s a long, hard drive, particularly with your entire family and related luggage squeezed into less space than is typically provided by a mini-fridge.

Dealing with climate change in Costa Rica’s treasured Monteverde cloud forest

Costa Rica's Monteverde cloud forest is one of the greenest tourist destinations in the country. But scientists are warning that climate change is dramatically affecting its biodiversity. Here's a look.

Monteverde’s community radio station aims to inform and entertain town’s diverse population

Two 20-somethings, plus a group of volunteers, aim to inform and entertain Monteverde's diverse population via an Internet-based, community radio station -- perhaps the only one of its kind in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s Moon Run highlights Monteverde’s hidden side

Runners trekked through Monteverde's beautiful and diverse terrain during this year's annual Moon Run, held Saturday. The signature event is a grueling 62-kilometer ultramarathon.

Monteverde hotel owner of 11 years has few regrets

Monteverde hotel owner Ran Smith looks back on 11 years in the business and discusses the pros and cons of buying a hotel in Costa Rica.

Amphitheater Notches Up Music in Monteverde

COSTA Rica’s musical stars are stalling their tours of the smog and glamour of Costa Rica’s premier concert venues for a backwoods respite in...

Costa Rica Asks for Financial Help to Deal with Wave of Migration

Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves asked Wednesday at the Davos forum for financial support so that the country can continue to be "just as...

A Costa Rica Expat’s View on Driving in Costa Rica

Are you tired of driving on smooth, well-maintained roads with clear signage and courteous drivers? Are you looking for a truly thrilling driving experience?...

Travel + Leisure Names Costa Rica among Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, Costa Rica has one of the best places in the world to practice diving: Cocos Island."Costa Rica's Cocos...

Costa Rica Wildlife – Meet the Jabiru Stork

There are few big birds in Costa Rica. Great curassows and black guans are hefty. Great blue herons and great egrets are tall. Nobody...