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Canadian tourist stabbed to death on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast

The man was was apparently on his way to the beach, interested in taking photographs of the sunrise.

Accused serial killer ‘Wild Bill’ Holbert asks forgiveness for murders of U.S. expats

Accused serial killer William "Wild Bill" Holbert asked Panamanians to forgive him for his murders because, he said, he only killed expats, rather than citizens of Panama.

UPDATED: Police capture suspect in Liberia murders of five students, find key evidence in raids

OIJ agents detained a suspect Friday morning that they say is connected to the January massacre of five students in Liberia, Costa Rica.

Cyclists demand better protection on Costa Rican roads

The release of the suspect in a hit-and-run that caused the deaths of three cyclists on Sunday sparked severe criticism of the judge and the judicial system.

Slaughter of five students in Liberia was likely done by one suspect, says OIJ director

The massacre of five university students in Liberia, Guanacaste was most likely done by just one actor, according to Costa Rica's OIJ.

Five students brutally murdered in Liberia

Five university students were murdered in a small apartment in Liberia, Guanacaste in Costa Rica Thursday morning. Another was in critical condition in a local hospital as of Thursday night.
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