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How did the Costa Rica President Pay For His House?

Tensions between President Rodrigo Chaves and the Legislative Assembly continue to be high. This time, PLP Congressman Eli Feinzaig assured that the President of Costa Rica paid for his house in cash.

During the afternoon, in his speech, Feinzaig brought up a news item from the newspaper Diario Extra, in which an article was written about it. The article was written in 2020, when Chaves served as Minister of Finance in the Alvarado administration. The journalist interviewed Chaves and asked how much he paid for the house where he and his family live in Curridabat.

“It is a personal issue. I am a very transparent person, I have no obligation to give it, but I paid $944 thousand in cash,” Chaves said at the time. Earlier today, Chaves had questioned Feinzaig for insisting that he paid in cash for his house and assured that, in reality, he did so with a check linked to an account of his in the United States.

“You lie shamelessly saying that I bought my house in cash, giving the impression that I walk around with a suitcase of millions of dollar bills. You are a liar, you know that I paid for my house with a check against a personal account in the United States,” Chaves mentioned.

He also told the legislator that he must be aware of the difference between paying “in cash” and “paying up-front.” “You said that World Bank officials cannot buy a house like that, here is one who can, because I have been organized with my money,” Rodrigo Chaves assured.

Feinzaig insisted that Chaves continues to quarrel with the deputies and divide society, before seeking solutions to its problems. He also said he “loves” the personal attacks, because they mean Chaves is unable to confront ideas. “He lies about how he paid for his house, because either he paid by check or he paid in cash, both cannot be true,” the legislator assured.

Likewise, Feinzaig criticized the Chaves administration, as he believes they’re not interested in solving the real issues Costa Ricans are facing. “The only thing he is interested in is sowing hatred and division, pointing out guilty parties so that the people will burn them alive, because pointing fingers is easy.

You insist on dividing us as a society: rich and poor, scoundrels and ethicists, patriots and filibusters. President, come to your senses, these quarrels with the deputies may be entertaining for some, but I would be more interested in addressing the country’s problems,” he concluded.

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