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Condominium Threatens Endangered Species and Ecotourism in Costa Rica

The Corcovado Foundation launched a petition to stop the construction of a new condominium in the forests of Manuel Antonio. The condominium is a 16-story tower that will generate an environmental impact. The real estate development by Islas Manuel Antonio would not only affect the scenic beauty of the place but would also put at risk endangered species such as the squirrel monkey and the scarlet macaw. The construction would also involve cutting down trees in a protected area.

“The construction process alone will cause immense damage to the ecosystem, including soil erosion and habitat destruction for many animals. In addition, this development will have serious consequences for local communities that rely on ecotourism as their main source of income. The loss of such an important natural attraction will lead to economic decline and job losses in the region,” mentioned the Corcovado Foundation’s petition.

Attorney Wálter Brenes indicated that he has personally filed a criminal proceeding, an action in the Contentious Administrative Court, and an Appeal against the project.

“A criminal complaint was filed for illegal harvesting of forest resources, and an administrative lawsuit was also filed because they are seeking the annulment of the viability, environmental license, and permits granted to Islas Manuel Antonio for invading a forest area,” he said.

There are administrative orders issued by SINAC, requesting the developer to stop the works and not to use machinery, but the works continue, according to the environmental lawyer.

The Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) granted the environmental viability permits to this condominium tower in 2022, but the project was subsequently halted, and its construction was recently resumed.

“We urge all concerned citizens to sign this petition and demand that the authorities take immediate action to stop this destructive project. We must protect our environment for future generations and preserve our natural heritage,” the foundation stated.

Those who would like to sign the petition can do so here

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