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Costa Rica Issues Warning Over Surge in Deep Fake Video Scams

Costa Rican authorities have issued a warning regarding the surge of individuals falling prey to fraudulent schemes employing fake videos featuring the faces of public figures. These deceptive tactics, propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), are becoming increasingly prevalent in cybercrime, marking a concerning trend in the digital landscape.

According to Esteban Aguilar, Coordinating Prosecutor of the Cybersecurity Unit, complaints have been lodged with both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Investigation Agency, shedding light on the proliferation of deepfakes: manipulated videos using AI technology to superimpose individuals’ faces onto misleading content.

The specialist emphasized the crude nature of current deepfake products but cautioned against the escalating sophistication observed globally.

Aguilar highlighted instances where videos featuring politicians, celebrities, or local personalities are utilized to promote fraudulent investment schemes, exploiting the trust and recognition associated with these figures. Such scams, often disseminated online, aim to deceive unsuspecting victims into financial exploitation.

In response, Costa Rican authorities are prioritizing the combat against computer fraud, recognizing it as a primary threat within the country’s cybersecurity landscape. The convergence of technology and criminal intent has facilitated the extraction of personal information and the proliferation of ransomware attacks, emphasizing the imperative for heightened vigilance.

Internationally, organizations like Interpol have identified ransomware attacks, computer scams, and corporate phishing as significant risks for 2024. Criminals leverage the anonymity and complexity of cryptocurrencies to execute their illicit activities, compounding the challenge of apprehension and recovery for victims.

Despite the reluctance observed in reporting cybercrimes, especially among affected companies concerned about reputational damage, authorities underscore the importance of filing complaints promptly. The existence of an underreported “black figure” highlights the severity of the issue and the necessity for concerted action against cyber threats.

In light of these developments, authorities urge individuals to exercise skepticism and refrain from unwittingly cooperating with cybercriminals. Heightened awareness and proactive reporting remain critical in combating the escalating menace of deepfake scams and other cybercrimes plaguing Costa Rica and the global community.

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