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Tarpon Land Lodge: Where Luxury Meets Nature’s Sanctuary in Costa Rica

Tarpon Land Lodge, located in Barra del Colorado, is the ideal spot for those seeking an unparalleled blend of sport fishing, ecotourism, and environmental conservation. The business stands out as a beacon of excellence and commitment to preserving the natural wonders of Costa Rica’s northern region.

The heart and soul of Tarpon Land Lodge is a team of experts in sports fishing and ecotourism, who are extremely passionate about providing guests with wonderful experiences while ensuring environmental conservation. Here, safeguarding the environment is a way of life.

Sustainable fishing practices, eco-tours, and accommodations that ensure a harmonious coexistence with nature are ingrained in Tarpon Land Lodge’s philosophy.

This lodge isn’t just about fishing. With spacious accommodations encompassed by Barra del Colorado’s pristine nature, this place guarantees relaxation, adventure, and disconnection from the hustle of everyday city life.

With spacious accommodations equipped with modern amenities, cozy rooms, a refreshing swimming pool, and a 24-hour open bar, guests will surely enjoy a vacation like no other.

The natural wonders of one of Costa Rica’s most magical places and the hospitality of the staff will make you feel at home.

All guests are welcome at Tarpon Land Lodge, where accessibility is another core value. Everyone should be able to enjoy everything Costa Rica has to offer.

For those who love fishing, the hotel offers several options. The “Sea & Jungle” itinerary involves 3 days of sea and 2 days of jungle, as well as 6 nights of lodging. Meanwhile, the “Sea & More Sea” itinerary is made up of 5 days of sea and 6 nights of lodging. Transportation, meals, and endless hours of fun are included. Guests can also request their own packages.

Eco-tourism tours include bird watching, walking along jungle trails, manatee watching, visiting off-the-radar beaches, and exploring lagoons.

The Barra del Colorado area, home of the lodge, is considered a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. This secluded gem boasts breathtaking landscapes and a myriad of outdoor activities that will enamor anyone.

Its location, far from cities and bustling life, makes it a top choice for many who would rather soak in a little peace and quiet. At the heart of Barra del Colorado lies the expansive Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, the largest of its kind in Costa Rica. Spanning over 31 kilometers of rivers, canals, lagoons, and marshes, this refuge is a sanctuary for a diverse array of flora and fauna.

Embark on a journey of discovery and conservation at Tarpon Land Lodge, where every experience promises to be extraordinary. Paradise awaits!

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