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Bill for Home-Grown Cannabis in Costa Rica

The Frente Amplio party has introduced a bill aimed at permitting the domestic cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

“We have put forth a bill to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for individuals above 18 years old,” confirmed Ariel Robles. Costa Rica currently prohibits cannabis cultivation for commercial purposes, as stipulated in Article 58 of the Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. However, this legislation also leaves room for penalties against those engaged in cultivation, even if solely for personal consumption.

The party asserts that this initiative primarily targets the elderly and aims to counter the illicit market. “It is crucial for the State to permit self-cultivation to safeguard users’ health, human rights, and safety by providing a legal avenue for obtaining this substance, thus diverting them from the illicit drug trade,” explained Congressman Ariel Robles.

The proposed amendment by Frente Amplio seeks to alter the aforementioned article to read: “Domestic cultivation of Cannabis plants for strictly personal use is authorized for legal adults, limited to a maximum of 20 female Cannabis plants within a private residence.”

Individuals found cultivating more plants than allowed by law could face fines ranging from one to five base salaries. Additionally, the party proposes that the State conduct informative and preventive campaigns through the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (IAFA), the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs (ICD), and the Ministry of Health.

Frente Amplio lawmakers also advocate for a modification to the General Health Law, ensuring that individuals growing plants within the parameters of the bill are not subject to plant destruction or criminal sanctions.

“This offers an alternative to reduce the illicit cannabis market. It enables consumers to produce cannabis in their own homes. Similar legislation has been successfully implemented in other countries like Colombia, resulting in a significant decrease in illicit market activities,” noted the legislator.

On several occasions, the Frente Amplio party has voiced its approval regarding the legalization of cannabis in the country.

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