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New Costa Rica Tourism Brochures Unveiled By ICT

As a response to the frequent questions posed by tourists visiting Costa Rica and to enhance their vacation experience with reliable information, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has launched the digital versions of 45 brochures from their Tourist Service Department.

Starting September, tourists, both local and international, will have access to refreshed content in both English and Spanish. This includes details about museums, agrotourism, various adventures, bird and turtle spotting, botanical gardens, cultural spheres, crocodiles, and even bus schedules, among others.

This overhaul was prompted by the fact that the last update was in 2019, before the pandemic. The revamped materials, courtesy of the Tourist Service of the ICT, are available for free download on the ICT’s official website under the “Services” tab and in the “Brochures for Tourists” subsection.

“The emphasis is on providing genuine, useful content. It’s not a tour sales pitch, but rather trustworthy resources to aid tourists’ journey in the country. We revamped these based on direct feedback from the users and they cater to both domestic and international travelers,” commented Víctor Ramírez, the Chief of ICT’s Tourist Service.

The process of refreshing these 45 brochures began this January. It involved thorough research and site visits to the places covered in these materials. Notably, a new guide on whale and manta ray spotting was introduced, recognizing its growing allure in recent times.

While these brochures are primarily digital, limited print versions will be produced for the main ICT information desk in La Uruca and some regional offices, aligning with the ICT’s sustainability goals.

These guides include cultural activities, adventure, nature observation, National Park, tips for swimmer, bus routes, and maps. Visitors will be able to have plenty of information on agrotourism, immersive coffee tours, lively fairs, and enlightening walks through historic areas that spotlight grand historical buildings. Additionally, enthusiasts can benefit from a specialized guide focusing on the nation’s pre-Columbian spheres and museums.

Also, tourists will learn about Costa Rica’s green lungs, represented by 21 of its prime national parks, are equipped and ready to offer tourists a unique blend of nature and convenience. Swimmers and beach lovers can take advantage of detailed safety guidelines, an exhaustive safety manual, and a handy safety passport to ensure their coastal escapades are safe. Independent travelers, keen on traversing the country at their pace, will find the bus schedules indispensable.

Lastly, for those who love the lay of the land, a freshly updated map of Costa Rica is soon to be released, serving as a blueprint for additional detailed regional maps.

For those keen on accessing these revamped, complimentary resources, they’re available here.

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