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Major Drug Bust: Costa Rica Intercepts 2.5 Tons of Marijuana

In a complex joint operation 337 kilometers offshore, the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Security intercepted a vessel carrying a massive 2.5 tons (2,500 kilos) of marijuana and arrested 5 Nicaraguan crew members with assistance from the United States and Colombia.

The daring mission was carried out last Thursday but details were only publicly disclosed Saturday afternoon by Manuel Jiménez, Deputy Minister in charge of Public Security Special Units. Jiménez stated the success of this meticulously planned operation was thanks to the coordinated efforts between Costa Rican, U.S. and Colombian authorities.

The intercepted 38-foot speedboat was unmarked, with no flag, name or registration number. It was powered by three 200 horsepower engines. The five Nicaraguan crew members were identified as captain Hendry Willis, 26; Hammer Muller, 50; Rigby Reed, 42; Gómez Simor, 32; and Evans Willis, 29. None had immigration records in Costa Rica.

According to released information, the vessel was located by joint air patrols including a U.S. aircraft and one from Costa Rica’s Air Surveillance Service. Director Javier Moreira highlighted the vital role the aerial patrols played in spotting the suspect boat and allowing the coast guard teams to take decisive action.

“Thanks to the overflights of these aircraft, it was possible to spot the suspect vessel, allowing the coastguard to locate the suspect ship,” Moreira stated.

The Drug Control Police Director Stephen Madden provided further details, revealing that intelligence efforts had previously flagged a potential major drug trafficking operation bound for Costa Rica.

In a milestone accomplishment, this was the farthest out to sea Costa Rica has ever conducted counter-narcotics operations. Authorities stated the mission involved approximately 24 continuous hours of sailing before coast guard officers successfully reached the port of Golfito with the intercepted boat, illicit cargo and captured crew.

The successful offshore drug bust demonstrates Costa Rica’s firm commitment to disrupting organized crime and staunch anti-drug trafficking efforts.

With close collaboration between security allies, authorities were able to deliver a heavy blow to narcotics smugglers and prevent a huge shipment of marijuana from reaching the country. Officials pledged to continue the fight through similar operations and intelligence-driven efforts.

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