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Threats and Aggression: Chaos Erupts in Costa Rican Legislative Session

In a shocking incident this Monday morning, the plenary session of Costa Rican legislators was momentarily suspended as a man disrupted the proceedings, threatening to harm members of the PLN and Frente Amplio parties. The man, identified as Álvaro Ariel Morales Salazar, entered the designated public space to follow the session. However, his actions took a violent turn as he removed his shirt, hurled insults at the lawmakers, and pounded on the windows.

The disturbance erupted when Deputy Rocio Alfaro from Frente Amplio and some congress members from Liberación Nacional (PLN) were speaking. Morales began shouting in response to Alfaro’s defense of a motion against the 4×3 work schedule project. Alfaro expressed her belief that certain deputies were deliberately provoking such incidents through their disproportionate rhetoric.

The situation escalated further as Morales started threatening to kill lawmakers from the PLN and Frente Amplio, claiming he knew where they lived and expressing his intention to set fire to the institution itself. Magaly Camacho, Head of Security of the Congress, described the incident as a direct act of aggression and expressed concern over the rising polarization and hate speech emanating from the highest levels of government.

The suspect entered the building at 11:12 a.m. and left at 11:31 a.m., prompting the authorities to call the Police Force for assistance. Although security guards were unable to restrain Morales, he was ultimately detained and subdued due to his violent behavior.

Camacho emphasized the severity of the situation, highlighting the potential consequences had someone encountered the aggressor. She also revealed her intention to file a formal complaint regarding the threats made.

Unfortunately, the current congressional rules do not specify any sanctions that would prevent the individual from re-entering the Congress building, leaving a gap in the security protocol. This incident is highly distressing and goes against the democratic and peaceful values that Costa Ricans hold dear.

As the nation strives to foster a harmonious political climate, it is crucial for lawmakers and citizens alike to engage in respectful dialogue and promote understanding, rather than resorting to aggression and threats.

It is imperative that security measures are reassessed to ensure the safety of legislators, staff, and the public within the Congress building. By addressing these issues and upholding the principles of democracy, Costa Rica can continue to be a shining example of peaceful coexistence and effective governance.

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