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Costa Rica Marinas Observe Worlds Ocean Day

As I prepare for yet another surgery this week trying to recoup some of my health and I move closer to the finish than the beginning I have no regrets as most of my health problems were self-inflicted. The coming of World’s Ocean Day on June 8th reminds me of how lucky I have been and how grateful I am of the Ocean.

For the last 40 years have not gotten wealthy but the Ocean has allowed me to live a good life, support my family, and educate my kids. It has also one of the most beautiful places I have been on earth, to me like a cobalt piece of heaven.

I am not much of a climate change guy or anything people use to virtual signal, or to push a political agenda but I see firsthand what we are doing to our oceans.

It saddens me to follow miles of floating trash while fishing to catch dorado (dolphinfish) the hang near the shade the trash provides, or when self-pride, ego, and greed motivates us to destroy one species for recreation or profit of another. We killed almost 6 million dolphin over the years to profit from tuna before it was stopped. Up to 90% of other sea life perishes in the net when dragging for shrimp.

The purpose of World´s Ocean Day, officially June 8, is to take a moment to think about what humanity is doing to our ocean and what we can do to change so the ocean may recover.

Marina Pez Vela and Golfito Marina, both known for their community service has teamed up with several marine businesses to educate the next generation of the importance of the ocean and the opportunities the ocean offers for them.

Events are planned for June 5th and 6th in Golfito and June 7th and 8th in Quepos. According to Henry Marin part of the education committee, the event “Is a two day activity in each site. First day in local high-schools capacity building in employability skills…2nd day a visit to the Marina to work in stations to get classes in work opportunities for the future.”

The events are co-sponsored by both marinas, Galati Yacht Sales, Junior Achievement Costa Rica, Primo tackle, Sea Angel, FECOP, BB Seas Marine Services, RK, and Internation Game Fish Tournament Observers

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