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Costa Rica named Best Latin American Destination by National Geographic

Costa Rica has done it again! The country has been awarded the “Best Latin American Destination” in the 1st National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards. This is yet another feather in the cap for a nation that has previously been named the best sustainable tourism destination.

The award ceremony for the National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 took place on April 25 in Madrid. The selection process involved a team of experts who shortlisted 55 finalists, and voting was opened for the different categories. The criteria for selection were sustainability, excellence, and commitment to authenticity, all of which the destinations and establishments selected by the readers shared.

Costa Rica’s biodiversity and conservation efforts were the factors that impressed National Geographic the most. The country has a variety of habitats, and its location between two oceans and traversed by a spine of volcanoes make it an ideal place to enjoy nature. National Geographic highlighted that a trip through Costa Rica allows one to enter forests with an incredible biodiversity, walk along beaches surrounded by mangroves and sands where turtles lay their eggs, and dive into waters so pure that they attract a multitude of marine species.

Costa Rica was not the only nation in the running for the award. It competed against Colombia, Ecuador, Oaxaca, Mexico, and Chile in the same category. However, it was able to come out on top due to its exceptional natural beauty and conservation efforts.

The country’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized by National Geographic in the past as well. Thousands of people from all over the world continue to choose Costa Rica as their go-to destination because it offers an opportunity to connect with nature in a way that is hard to find elsewhere. It is no surprise that the nation has been recognized yet again for its efforts in promoting sustainable tourism.

Costa Rica’s recognition as the “Best Latin American Destination” in the 1st National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards is well-deserved. The country’s commitment to sustainability and preservation of natural habitats is remarkable. It is a shining example of how tourism can be promoted in a way that benefits both the environment and the local population.

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