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Guatemala plane crash due to landing gear failure results in no injuries

A plane from Mexico crashed Sunday while landing at Mundo Maya airport, in the department of Peten, north of Guatemala City, in an incident in which there were no casualties or injuries, Guatemalan authorities reported.

“At the moment of making the landing maneuver, the aircraft lost part of the landing gear and was stranded in the green area next to the runway,” said Rubén Téllez, spokesman for the Guatemalan Army.

According to Téllez, the Northern Air Command of the Guatemalan Air Force “assisted this morning (Sunday) three crew members and 14 passengers of a flight coming from Cancun (Mexico)”.

The accident occurred at the time of landing at the Mundo Maya International Airport in Petén, on the border with Mexico and Belize.

Téllez also said that the crew and passengers were taken by bus to the air terminal.

A photo published by the Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre, shows a plane stopped on the grass, surrounded by military personnel and some civilians.

According to Guatemalan media, there were no casualties or injuries in the accident.

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