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(Breaking News) 5.4 Earthquake Shakes Costa Rica

Costa Rica experienced a strong shake this evening.

According to OVUSCORI, the Costa Rica Seismological Institute, the fault line producing the event is located about 15 miles (25 kilometers) west of Quepos, on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

It is considered a shallow event due to experts because it was only about a mile (10Km) deep.

The tremor occurred at 7:44 p.m..

Reports from representatives in Quepos report no damage or injuries at this time.

In 2012, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred near Quepos, but the town was not severely impacted.The area around Quepos is located near the boundary of the Cocos Plate and the Caribbean Plate, which leads to frequent seismic activity in the region. Despite the high frequency of earthquakes, Quepos has made significant efforts to improve its emergency preparedness and building codes to reduce the impact of earthquakes.

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