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Chinese Balloon Spotted Flying Over Costa Rica?

Costa Rica social media has been abuzz with posts and photos of a large white balloon seen flying over the country. The reports started coming in yesterday.

The Tico Times was contacted by a witness that reported seeing the highflying object of unknown origin while with his neighbors in the Pacific Coast town of Paquita. The witness was able to take a photo of the object.

Costa Rica aviation officials have confirmed the reports but are unaware from where it came from or what it is doing.

In initial comments they suggested that it may be a weather balloon launched by Costa Rica weather scientists but that was later found out to not be possible.

The United States is currently tracking a large Chinese balloon that has been crossing over the country for several days. Chinese officials have confirmed that it is their balloon but insist it was just gathering weather information and was blown off course. United States officials have cast doubt on that account.

Tonight, Pentagon officials announced that they are tracking a second similar balloon crossing over Latin America but would not confirm where it is currently or where it has passed over. 

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