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3 Sustainable Hotels in Costa Rica that Put the Planet First

Costa Rica is known for being an eco-friendly destination, a place to be one with nature and enjoy the ‘Pura Vida’ life. The country is powered by renewable energy and has a vast number of national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas.

Many hotels and businesses have consciously decided to immerse into this lifestyle and thrive as sustainable destinations. They offer top-notch amenities while actively protecting the environment and generating social impact in their communities.

What does it mean to be a Sustainable Hotel?

Sustainable hotels are hotels that strive to minimize their impact on the environment and local community, while also providing a high level of service to their guests. This can include a variety of practices, such as using renewable energy sources, conserving water, reducing waste, sourcing locally grown and produced food and products, protecting local wildlife and ecosystems, and supporting local economic development.

Many sustainable hotels also focus on cultural sensitivity and providing education and awareness about sustainability to their guests. The goal of sustainable hotels is to operate in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible, while also meeting the needs of their guests.

Why does Costa Rica need Sustainable Hotels?

 There are a number of reasons why sustainable hotels in Costa Rica are important:

  1. Environmental protection: By operating in a sustainable manner, hotels can reduce their impact on the environment, including air and water pollution, waste generation, and resource consumption.
  2. Social responsibility: Sustainable hotels often focus on supporting and benefiting the local community, including through economic development, cultural preservation, and social justice.
  3. Guest experience: Many travelers are looking for environmentally and socially responsible travel options, and sustainable hotels can provide a unique and fulfilling experience for these guests.
  4. Cost savings: Sustainability practices can also lead to cost savings for hotels, through reduced resource consumption and waste generation.

Overall, sustainable hotels can play a role in creating a more sustainable and responsible travel industry, and in promoting environmental and social responsibility more broadly.

3 Sustainable Hotels that Prioritize the Planet

To help direct you towards more sustainable stays, we are highlighting 3 innovative and Nature approved properties that prioritize the planet, so you can vacation at ease, knowing you are keeping your footprint small.

1. Hotel Finca Rosa Blanca

Finca Rosa Blanca combines luxury accommodations, a sustainable forest coffee plantation, and a cuisine that creatively respects the culinary traditions of the coffee highlands.

It’s conveniently located near San José for those looking to spend some relaxing days without driving far.

This hotel has focused on the highest quality of service in the hospitality industry, combined with authentic experiences and the local flavor of Costa Rican culture. Here, guests will be able to enjoy vibrant art, farm-to-table food, positive cultural exchanges, and terrific amenities.

This is where the combination of a sustainable and luxurious boutique hotel and a coffee plantation in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica comes to life.

As part of its offer, it organizes cultural tours, coffee tours, adventure activities such as rafting, sightseeing of Costa Rica’s volcanoes, bird watching, or the possibility of relaxing at one of the best hotels.

Visit: for more information.

2. Senda Monteverde Mountain Lodge

Senda Monteverde is based in the beautiful cloud forest and is perfect for enjoying adventures in Monteverde. 

It was built as a modern mountain lodge with the comfort and elegance of a luxury hotel. It has 24 perfectly designed rooms to enjoy peace and quiet while overlooking the area’s lush vegetation.

The hotel strives to operate in harmony with its natural surroundings and positively impact local communities. Respecting the environment is in the hotel’s DNA, and they hope to improve each day.

Policies such as no plastic, green design, biodegradable cleaning products, and home-grown food are part of the actions they’ve implemented.

More information at:

3. El Silencio Lodge & Spa

El Silencio Lodge & Spa encompasses a 500-acre private cloud forest reserve with a mystical rainforest and waterfalls. It is located in Bajos del Toro, Alajuela, and is flanked by two national parks.

The amenities and services are extraordinary, allowing a wellness and relaxation experience like no other. It’s a place that offers luxury and natural immersion. Visitors are guaranteed a lovely stay with farm-to-table cuisine, a wellness spa, and an adventure park.

Rappelling, horseback riding, waterfall hiking, oxcart painting, and Tico cooking lessons are some of the beautiful experiences guests can have.

The rooms are on a mountainside and offer views of the mountains, the river, and the forest.

The hotel has a Hummingbird Garden and our new Meliponary to fuel the proliferation of the planet’s tiniest birds and local stingless honeybees. It also obtained awards for River Basin Management, Climate Change Mitigation, and Biodiversity Protection.  

Further details can be found at:

At these three beautiful places, visitors are guaranteed a lovely stay and the opportunity to experience nature like never before.  

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