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Costa Rica celebrate World Cup Victory Against Japan

Costa Rica beat Japan 1-0 in the second group stage match, and Ticos went crazy. Hundreds of fans headed to the Hispanidad Fountain in San Pedro, San José, to rejoice after the team’s victory.

Shortly after 6 a.m., Costa Ricans showed off their red jerseys and celebrated ecstatically. The ‘Oe, oe, oe, Ticos, Ticos’ was chanted loudly as flags waved, fans jumped and screamed, cars honked, and trumpets pounded stridently.

‘La Fuente de la Hispanidad’ has been iconic for Ticos. Back in 2014, during the World Cup in Brazil, thousands of La Sele devotees celebrated the team’s unbelievable conquest.

Many optimistic fans gathered around the San Pedro Mall to watch the game, as it is located right beside the Hispanidad Fountain, and they would be able to kickstart the party. Others were congregated at the National Stadium in La Sábana, where a fan fest was held.

“I work at San Juan de Dios Hospital, and it was my day off. I had faith in God that we would win. I always paint red, white, and blue whenever La Sele plays,” Henry Fonseca told

Regardless of their location, Costa Ricans went absolutely wild when Keysher Fuller scored the goal.

Los Ticos will do anything for their National Team, including waking up early on a Sunday to watch a game or celebrate. Therefore, some fans were spotted celebrating in their pajamas.

To everyone’s surprise, even a newlywed couple went to the ‘Fuente de la Hispanidad’ to celebrate the National Team’s jaw-dropping win.

The crushing defeat against Spain left the fans with a sense of despair and hopelessness; however, this major win relit the faith of a whole nation. Now, Ticos are filled with optimism and hope, as they expect their beloved National Team to do the impossible and upset Germany in the next match.

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