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Costa Rica’s National Coffee Fair Returns

The National Coffee Fair returned to the community of Aquiares in Santa Rosa de Turrialba. This traditional event was suspended for two due to the covid-19 pandemic. It began on Friday, September 30th, and will be open until October 9th.

According to Diego Robelo Gutiérrez, manager of Cafetalera Aquiares and member of the committee that organizes the fair, this is the first time the celebration will be held over two weekends, with 37 cultural events, including bands, artistic presentations, and live music.

Coincidentally, International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1st. For Costa Rica, coffee is a tradition and part of the culture of the country, which is why it was declared a national symbol in 2020. It was the main exportation product for years and boosted the local economy.

The third edition of the fair has caused great excitement as it is a long-awaited event by the communities and people from other regions of the country.

“It has already become a beautiful tradition, not only for the people of Aquiares but also for the surrounding areas; it is a reference and has managed to attract a large audience,” said Diego Robelo.

In addition, the event seeks to help the growing coffee community so that they can showcase their products and promote themselves.

During the fair, people can enjoy cups of coffee, and guided tours of the Aquiares Coffee Farm; they will be able to try different dishes and participate in barista workshops, contests, and educational talks.

The activity takes place in two fairgrounds: the area of the sports center, in the community park, and the other, in the Cafetalera Aquiares coffee plantation.

The main stage is in the community park, where concerts and cultural events will occur. In the Cafetalera Aquiares coffee processing plant, which was built in 1910 and is one of the oldest in the country, the most relevant activities regarding coffee will be carried out.

“We take tours inside the processing facility so that people can learn about the whole process. We also do truck tours so they can see the whole farm and what goes on around it, so people can get a good idea of what a farm like ours looks like,” Robelo said.

For the coffee economy, the fair is extremely important, as it represents a great promotion for the community of Acquires.

“The fair represents an important economic revenue; it helps support the coffee culture and promotes entrepreneurs. It helps those in the business, those who have worked in the fair, and artisans who have made their products known thanks to the fair,” commented Rabelo.

For detailed information, visit the fair’s Facebook page.

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