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Costa Rica’s Playa Herradura has become an accessible beach

This Saturday, the Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism inaugurated Herradura Beach as the thirteenth accessible beach in Costa Rica by building a 48-meter-long retractable walkway that allows people in wheelchairs to access the place.

“Each accessible beach is an achievement for all people. From the Network, we thank all the actors that make this dream possible because the goal is that all beaches in Costa Rica will have accessibility support products in the future,” said Stephanie Sheehy, director of the Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism.

In addition, it should emphasize that adapted surfing is now possible since the beach has the necessary equipment. The Adapted Surfing Sports Association confirmed that equipment was donated and can now be used for training, tournaments, and championships. It is expected that this may help achieve the goal of positioning Costa Rica as a world leader in this aquatic sport.

“This donation is of great benefit to our athletes. Having accessible equipment allows them to train safely and acceptably,” stated Natalia Vindas, president of the Adaptive Surfing Association of Costa Rica.

On the other hand, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute donated more than 100 kilos of plastic caps for the generation of future walkways that will be placed on the following accessible beaches.

“This announcement occurs within the context of the International Week of Social Tourism, which contributes to strengthening the positioning of Costa Rica as a sustainable destination, particularly because any sustainable destination must be inclusive, safe, and general welfare to communities, but above all to domestic and international tourists,” explained Rafael Soto, Costa Rica’s Tourism Institute General Manager

With this inauguration, it is expected that people with disabilities will be able to enjoy tourism and the beauty that the country has to offer. It is also considered an opportunity for growth for the canton of Garabito, as it will be a bonus that enhances the appeal of the beach.

“We urge all beaches in the country to improve access for people with disabilities. From the Municipality, we train staff dedicated exclusively to serving this population every time they visit Jacó Accessible. Now we will continue working to position Herradura and be recognized as an accessible destination”, said Tobías Murillo, mayor of Garabito.

The Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism and DONATAPA will continue to work together to make more places accessible to all people.

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