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Costa Rica Goalie Keylor Navas Joins the National Team in Qatar

Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas is already in Qatar, along with the rest of his teammates, ready to play against New Zealand. Navas was not in the Nations League matches after enjoying a few days off.

The PSG goalkeeper will start the match on June 14. Keylor is also convinced this is the most important match, since a victory would allow the national team to qualify for the World Cup.

The Costa Rican star highlighted the work of the entire group to overcome the adversities of the knockout stage in Concacaf and fight for a place in the game defining the National Team that will head to Qatar in November.

“I haven’t scored a goal in the qualifiers and without goals you don’t win games, so we are all important here. I have very clear memories of my teammates closing the game, taking the ball out from the line, others making a header; then one who makes a cross for the assist and the goal,” said Keylor upon his arrival in Doha, Qatar.

Navas highlighted the efforts of all his teammates and acknowledged that he has also contributed to the team.

“Thank God I was able to help my national team,” said Keylor Navas.

“It is a national team, although it is true that there have been key moments and I have been able to help the team, it does not mean that it is just me,” he added.

Keylor also explained there was a large group of people helping the team whose efforts should be recognized.

“There is a coaching staff behind us, there are a lot of people working behind us so that we can arrive one hundred percent to the games and it would be very unfair to say that a national team is just one player,” Navas noted.

In addition, Keylor Navas praised the work of the younger members of the team, assuring they have been humble enough to receive advice and adapt to the group.

“We have always had the same attitude; a desire to help, to be together. It’ s a common good. The young players have had the humility to know that they have talent, but they have not yet won anything in soccer and they want to go to a World Cup,” said the goalkeeper.”

The soccer icon mentioned he is focused and eager to go out and win the match against New Zealand. He expects to enjoy the match and assured that he and his teammates will give their all to achieve that long-awaited pass to the World Cup.

“We are going to give it our all, we’re looking forward to it, with a lot of enthusiasm, with tranquility, with the desire to enjoy ourselves and hopefully things will work out for us and we can win that game,” Navas concluded.

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