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McDonalds Alerts Costa Rica Customers of Data Hack

McDonalds fast food customers in Costa Rica have been alerted by the company of a data breach that accessed client private information.

In the alert sent to clients McDonalds advised that client names, marital status, address, email, document identity number and phone number had been left unprotected.

They went on to say that customers should be aware of any attempts by the criminal hackers to contact them posing as the McDonald’s  company requesting further personal information, or contains malicious click invitations or to transfer funds.

In a statement to local media the company said that one of its providers had been compromised and allowed the hackers to access client information. It did not specify the location of the provider or if the criminals were able to access information of other providers in its network in Costa Rica.

They also said that when they became aware of the breach they notified local legal authorities right away as well all potentially effected customers.

Costa Rica has experienced a series of similar data breaches recently where customer data is used to divert money from unsuspecting persons by purporting to be legitimate businesses or governmental institutions.

Experts recommend that you should change your passwords frequently and always be cautious of unsolicited or suspicious emails.

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