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Costa Rica Court Upholds Forced Vaccination Of Hospitalized Child

Recently, a child admitted to San Vicente Hospital in Heredia for breathing issues tested positive Covid-19. While his medical issues subsided the hospital staff wanted to vaccinate the child against Covid-19 before discharging. Their concern was the child’s future health as well as the community at large during a sharp increase of Covid-19 cases in Costa Rica.

The child’s parents were opposed to the vaccination and claimed their child was being held hostage by the hospital while authorities there sought guidance from the Ministry of Health.

A small but determined group of anti-vaccination supporters that formed online went to the hospital and forced their way in. They were there to remove the child by force. Police were called and seven people were arrested.

The child’s parents filed a case in the Costa Rica courts and the highest constitutional court has decreed that hospital was correct in vaccinating the child.

One of the reasons for the court’s finding was the best interest of the child in receiving treatment for a potentially life threatening illness.

They also said the hospital was in its right to keep the child in the facility based upon proper medical criteria.

The child’s parents have stated that their child not receive any further vaccinations.

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