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3rd Dose Required For Costa Rica Public Employees and Minors 12 to 18

The National Commission on Vaccination and Epidemiology (CNVE) has mandated that all public employees and children between the ages of 12 to 18 must get the 3rd dose of the Covid 19 vaccine. There are exceptions are being made however, for minors or public or private employees who have certain medical conditions that prevent them from receiving the 3rd shot.

The reasons given for this mandate is that by getting this 3rd shot, it will improve the conditions that help to stop the spread of the virus in public schools as well as in those children under 5 years of age who, as of this writing, still cannot be vaccinated.

It also states that by requiring the 3rd dose, it will help stem the spread of the Omicron variant among all age groups and decrease the time spent in a hospital by those unvaccinated. As was stated in previously those that are hospitalized for Covid and that are unvaccinated end up spending twice as much time in the hospital in order to recover. This puts an undo strain on the already besieged hospitals and staff throughout the country.

They are also hopeful that by taking this action, it will allow businesses to continue to recover and hopefully get back to full capacity. This will allow the economy to grow more quickly after a couple of years of being hard hit by the pandemic in all sectors of the economy.

For those in the private sector, it will be on owners to establish the appropriate internal vaccination policies in order to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 Virus.

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