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The Omicron variant and the importance of prevention and vaccination

Due to the increasing spread of the Omnicron virus, yet another variant of the Covid-19 virus, the Ministry of health has reiterated that eveyrone should remain vigilant and to make sure that they get their vaccinations, as soon as possible, if they haven’t done so already, as this is the best way to prevent getting this new variant.

“People who have not yet been immunized become fertile ground for new variants to emerge, hence the importance of advancing nationally and globally with the vaccination process. Along these lines, it is fortunate that soon we will be able to apply booster vaccines for those most vulnerable” said the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, in a press interview held this morning in the CEACO, together with the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, the President of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE), Alexander Solís, the Vice Minister of Health, Pedro González, and the Director of the CEACO, Marco Vargas.

As Costa Rica seems to be getting handle on the virus and in order to prevent a new outbreak, the current preventive measures will remain.

In order that new restrictions don’t have to be implemented, the ministry of health would like to remind everyone to make sure that they are using the masks correctly and make sure that when you are wearing it, make sure it covers both the nose AND mouth.

Also try to stay outside of confined spaces whenever possible and to keep your social distancing in order to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. Also remember to be vigilant with washing your hands and to do it often.

There is currently no information to suggest that Ómicron produces more severe symptoms or is more transmissible compared to the other variants, however, the information is still very limited.

The ministry would like everyone to be aware that the Omicron variant has already been detected in other parts of the world which indicated that its becoming wide spread, amd are most likely in other countries, it just has been reported at this point.

Official Costa Rica Covid sources

Here at The Tico Times, we do our best to share the most relevant coronavirus information in a clear and concise manner.

As you’re navigating the pandemic and the associated ever-changing rules, here are the official sources for Covid-19 information in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica’s official language is Spanish, so all of the above sources will be in that language. Of course, we at The Tico Times will continue to provide timely, accurate information as it develops.

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