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Costa Rica has administered 2 million Covid vaccines

Costa Rica has administered more than 2 million Covid-19 vaccines, health authorities reported this week.

The official tracker shows 2.15 million vaccines have been administered in Costa Rica. That comprises 1.41 million first doses and 740,742 second doses, and it corresponds to 41.7 jabs per 100 residents.

So far this month, almost half a million doses have been applied, and there is significant progress in all regions of the country,” said Agustín Castro, Minister of Communication.

The Presidency says 1.34 million vaccine doses have been administered to people 58 years of age and older

The Caja has also administered 539,400 doses to Group 3 — people ages 12 and older with at least one risk factor. And the country also began vaccinating Group 4 — which includes teachers and other essential workers — and Group 5 in some areas.

At 41.7 doses administered per 100 residents, Costa Rica trails Chile (108), the United States (94), Uruguay (93), Canada (77) and the Dominican Republic (58) in the Americas.

Official Costa Rica Covid sources

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