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60.3 F
Costa Rica
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Yellow Alert in much of Costa Rica due to rain

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) on Friday placed Costa Rica under weather alerts:

A Green Alert is informative and precautionary, while a Yellow Alert asks citizens to prepare for the impact of a weather event. Click here to read more about the color-coded alert levels.

Friday’s alert reads as follows:

Due to the influence of the Intertropical Convergence Zone
and local factors, it is expected that for this afternoon and night rainy conditions will be generated in the Pacific, Central Valley, North Zone and mountains of the Caribbean.

For this reason, the CNE establishes YELLOW ALERT for the Central Valley and maintains the same condition for the Pacific Slope and the North Zone.

The Caribbean Region is in GREEN ALERT (Preventive).

The CNE recommends remaining alert, mainly to communities prone to floods and landslides.

The National Meteorological Institute’s forecast for Friday reads as follows:

For this afternoon and night, rainy conditions are expected for the Pacific, Central Valley, North Zone and mountains of the Caribbean. During the afternoon in the Pacific regions, rains with downpours and a scattered electrical storm are expected; these conditions would last until late at night, especially in the Guanacaste area.

For the Central Valley, there is a probability of rain for practically the entire region; however, the strongest activity is expected for the western zone and the surroundings of the high zones where downpours and an electrical storm are anticipated.

In the North Zone and mountains of the Caribbean, isolated downpours with an electrical storm are expected, with the most intense activity for the evening period.

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